Welcome to Kestrel High School
Our mission is to provide quality educational opportunities by recognizing individual student needs. In a safe and supportive environment, we encourage self-empowerment by teaching the intellectual and social skills necessary to meet the challenges in our society.
We at Kestrel High School believe that:
  1. All students will be prepared for the rigors of adulthood.
  2. Self-esteem is important and will be fostered in our school.
  3. Students will become aware and explore career opportunities for the future.
  4. Students will become technologically proficient.
  5. All students are expected to master state adopted academic standards.
  6. Mental and physical awareness is focused on and encouraged.
  7. Student communication skills will be enhanced.
  8. Critical and independent thinking skills will be fostered.
  9. Environmental literacy will be increased in our students.
  10. Creativity is the backbone of our school community.
  11. A safe learning environment is critical to any student learning.
  12. Students will engage in a partnership with their community.