Is International School In Thailand Affordable?

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Expats who find themselves in Thailand and probably with their family may spend their first few weeks trying to settle into their new location. What may be harder is finding the right school for the kids (if you have any).

Different questions are bound to arise. Although everyone wants what is best for themselves and their families, their income might be saying otherwise. You can easily splash as much cash to get your child enrolled in the best or most expensive international school Thailand if you have the resources. However, you might be forced into seeking other options if you don’t.

While it isn’t true that the highest prices guarantee the best education for your child, the rock-bottom prices do not mean the worst education.

However, different international school Thailand have different annual fees.

If your employer pays your children’s fees, then you’ve had it all sorted. What if you have to source for the fees from your own pocket? There are more than 160 international schools in Thailand and with the vast array of choices, there should be one that you can afford.

Note that you can get a cheaper education for your kid in the ‘bilingual schools’ or the English-Programmed schools. This is a good alternative though especially if your child can understand and speak Thai.

Bangkok especially is littered with affordable international schools that are controlled by several international organizations. These organizations include ISAT, CIN and several others who take the necessary measures to ensure your wards are safe and learning vigorously.

A lot of blogs will tell you that you should rely on Thai schools with English program because of the high cost of international school Thailand. It is solely based on what you want and how much you want it. 

International school Thailand stands at the price tag of more than 350,000 baht per annum which might be a difficult price for some parents. Lower prices are for English program schools or private schools.

Bottom line is that the affordability of international education for your kid depends on individual pockets and there are different price tags which you can choose from.

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