About Kestrel

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"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action."

Kestrel High School is a free, publicly funded charter school located at 325 N. Washington Street in Prescott, AZ. At Kestrel we believe that all students can succeed in many ways. We explore strengths and weaknesses to help each student succeed. Students are free to speak their minds, explore and take intellectual risks.

Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to individualize and help all students receive "extra" attention.

  • We expose students to learning environments that provide an experiential experience. Field trips to the Indian reservations and to art, science and history museums are critical parts of our curriculum. Allowing students to experience what is taught in the classroom is the type of environment our students strive in.
  • Kestrel students are also encouraged to focus on the arts. Students have the opportunity to take classes such as Yoga, guitar, video/photography and theatre.
  • An environmental focus is also stressed and students give back to the community through meaningful projects.